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Toronto Raptors achieved achievement and culminated in the title of the American basketball tournament for the first time by beating the host of the Golden States Warriors title holder in the sixth game 114-110 to resolve the series 4-2 in the Oracle Arena, which will close after the last game was held.

Founded in 1995, the Canadian team became the first club from outside the United States to win the title of the Pro League, winning the sixth of the seven possible matches, thanks to its players Kyle Lowery and Cameroonian Pascal Siakam, both of whom scored 26 points, as well as Kwai Lennard and Fred Finflit (22 points Each).

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This is the second title for Kuai in his career after his coronation in 2014 with San Antonio Spears. He won the title of the best player in the final series, with Mark Gasoul crowned today, and Baau Gasoul, the first two brothers in the history of the tournament crowned the title.

Leonard said after raising the trophy in the hall of "Oracle Arena " In Auckland, California, in which the Golden State was playing his last match before his scheduled move in the next season to San Francisco  "This (title) is what I hate basketball for him, is what I do the effort for him."

"Last summer I tested many (from difficult moments)," he said. But I continued to work hard and put all my mental focus on this goal here  ", referring to the title, adding " I'm glad that all that has yielded  ".

The coronation came at the expense of the hero for the last two years Warriors hit by the injuries of Kevin Durrant and Clay Thompson, which facilitated the Canadian team's title and his rival's fourth title in the last five seasons.

The best in Warriors and the recording game was Thompson with 30 points Andrei Igodala added 22 points and Stephen Currie 21 points and Dragmund Green 11 points and 19 rebounds.

The sixth match in the dawn of Friday saw a fierce struggle, where the preference for Raptors in the first two quarters and then imposed warriors wake up in the third until the star Thompson was injured by the end of the third quarter to come out of the meeting and was in the balance at the time of 30 points.

Warriors was affected by the injury of Thompson, who was hit by his second in the series after he missed the third game of a stretch of the posterior muscle during the second game.

The performances of the two stars, Stephen Corey and Kyle Leonard, did not rise to the known level except in the stations, while in the first half, Cameroon Pascal Siakam and the reserve, Fred Vanlett, were remarkably sparkling.

The Raptors beat the celebrations of thousands of fans who rallied in the park  "Jurassic Park" near his stadium  "Scotia Bank arena " in Toronto, especially as he became the first Canadian team to win a big athletic title in North American competitions since the coronation of the Toronto Blue Jays team in 1993 title The final series  "World Series " for Baseball sport.